The First Motorcycle Trip Across America

We love travel, adventure, and motorcycles, so of course we love this story From Atlas Obscura by Sarah Slaskow about George Wyman‘s navigation– by motorcycle– of the United States, before there was any dedicated road to do so. Wyman was Continue reading “The First Motorcycle Trip Across America”


Welcome To Our Virtual Home


2hearts1horizon is the brainchild of me, Johnny Killmore, and my partner Kate Kriebel. While I am a seasoned motorcyclist and traveler, Kate has only recently been inspired to
try out two wheels. Currently we only travel together around California but there is probably no better place to start adventuring by motorcycle. Kate has found no trouble in dealing with the weather and breakdowns and often-cramped conditions found while riding 2-up on a motorcycle, but as we set out further from home she has expressed more interest in taking the handlebars in her own hands. This would allow more room for gear and therefore bigger adventures. Continue reading “Welcome To Our Virtual Home”