Around The Final Bend

2 thoughts on “Around The Final Bend”

  1. Good to see you’re home. I think we’re in for a continuing weird life for a while yet. Being able to lean this way and that is a good option. I was just sitting in the sun this morning, watching Oggy play in the impromptu play yard we set up when he is here, I happened to glance across the space to where the 990 sits under a small stack of the crap that seems to accumulate on any and all horizontal surfaces. Looking at the motorcycle, I tried to conjure up what my next trip might look like. I drew a blank.
    Nothing. I have a sort of plan, but there is no image that helps pin it to my everyday world. So, I’m left with a blank and this vague yearning to wander off into the beyond.
    I guess at least there is that.


    1. Yeah that’s a start. “Being in a state of inquiry” is still being on the court, participating in your own life, as opposed to just letting the winds and tides drag you where they may. I am already looking at other trips. Shorter ones though because I have plans that need attending to. Got some wandering to do in Colorado when it’s warm, but that needs a proper dual sport that can also get me 1,000 mi to even start the adventure. Then there’s the Butterfield trail, which also needs a DS bike if I’m going to find some of the original. Some of it got turned into highway, then interstate, but other parts were bypassed and are still dirt single track or hiking trail. But yes, the immediate seems more interesting and pressing, so those plans or more fun to have than in need of development, which I like. Sounds like you are free do do some dreaming, which is a decent way to spend a January if you ask me.


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