Marking Time

2 thoughts on “Marking Time”

  1. I use a lot of that rub/spice mix.
    As always, good stuff here as well. I’ve managed to do about everything I am willing to do with my motorcycle right now. I’m almost to the point of decluttering some of the OEM wiring mess. It’s not like that thing will ever return to stock. And I have this button, I’ve been meaning to try for the 4-way flasher. That and more trip planning.

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    1. Trip planning is the fun part. I love going over the maps and places, then looking at routes. Nowadays you can even hit the street view on google maps and look at the actual roads and towns. Much more fun than spreadsheets.
      My camp cooking is usually cans of whatever, sometimes heated up, sometimes not. Kate enjoys the process though, so we always end up with some concoction that started as a can of something and is now ready for its close up, Mr. DeVille. I’ve found that the dried potato flakes are great for turning anything into a paste, which is fine for me because of time spent eating MRE’s. I can slap together and random assemblage of stuff, add hot water, and add potato flakes. Mmm, warm pasty goo.


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